We are proud to offer comprehensive interpretation services, including all necessary equipment, for everything from regular business meetings to large international conferences. Each team of professional interpreters is selected based on their subject-matter expertise.

 Interpretation Services

 Consecutive interpretation

This is the most popular type of interpretation as it does not require any specialised equipment. The interpreter will wait for the speaker to finish the sentence before translating it into the target language.

Simultaneous interpretation

This type of interpreting is characterised by parallel interpretation with the speaker at the same time. Normally, this type of interpretation requires specialised equipment which our company can provide.

Court interpretation

This type of interpretation must meet official use requirements and be validated with a stamp to confirm its official content.

Over the phone interpretation

For any immediate interpretation needs, we offer a fast and effective over-the-phone interpretation service. This type of interpreting provides our clients with a certain flexibility that is often missing in a face-to-face interpretation.

 Conference equipment

Our equipment complies with the European standards.

  • Wireless interpreting equipment
  • Interpreting booths
  • Microphones, headsets, sound equipment
  • Projectors, cameras
  • Recording equipment